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The weekend in produce and what the F to do with a buttload of kale

So I purchased a massive quantity of hardy greens AGAIN, and no I don’t really have a plan for it all or room in the refrigerator but this time I had a good reason: the massive bunch of kale was … Continue reading

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Smart shopper: make your greens do doube duty.

There are a few foods I can’t live without: oatmeal (duh), chocolate, greek yogurt, and salad greens.  I can go through a family-sized container of greens fast enough that it forces me to go to the grocery store, so I’ve … Continue reading

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Marathon of cooking

Since my days of four-course lunches at the Lambeth House are over and I had some foods to use up, I decided to make today my day to make a bunch of awesome things that I can have ready for … Continue reading

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Practice what you preach

And just in case you didn’t get enough posts from me today, here’s another! Before I get started, let me tempt your taste buds with a picture of my delectable brunch at Surrey’s (remember when I went there with James?), … Continue reading

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Good weather + good food + good friends = perfect (and two awesome recipes)

Today, the 9th of September 2012, is the most beautiful day I have seen in  New Orleans.  I woke up to 73 degrees when it normally doesn’t get lower than 77 even in the dead of night, and the humidity … Continue reading

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Mom’s House

In addition to being the name of a reportedly wonderful Chinese restaurant in Amherst, Mom’s house is where I am currently living (technically, it’s also Dad’s house, but we all know how that really works).  Since I left for college, … Continue reading

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