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Clark Wellness Wednesdays, 9/26/2012

Goooood morning!  I hope you’re awake, because you’ve got some acronyms comin’ at ya. Yesterday was my first day working with Wellness Wednesdays, an initiative of the First Line Schools in New Orleans.  FLS is the same group of schools … Continue reading

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What makes your workout?

Today as I get ready to leave for my second class at Hour Blast (see yesterday’s post), I am reminded how even the littlest things can make your workout ten times better.  Today, it’s my AWESOME socks. This pair of … Continue reading

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Finding a new gym

One of the hardest things about moving is saying goodbye to the gym you’ve been going to  for so long, especially if you’ve worked there, sweat there, and made the best friends of your life there. Coming in close behind … Continue reading

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Guess what!

Something incredible happened this week. I started running again! So maybe it’s just been 5-minute intervals.  Maybe it feels a little harder than it should.  But I’m RUNNING! When I went to the orthopedist earlier in the month, my doctor … Continue reading

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